About us

Hi and welcome!

My name is Núria and I am the one you can find behind the scenes, thoughtfully, intentionally and carefully making the skin-loving soaps that you find on here today.

Itziar skincare came along like many things in life, unexpectedly. I stumbled upon soapmaking as I dived more and more into sustainability and discovered that many of the products we use have excessive chemicals that we don’t necessarily need.

Who knew, right?!

As someone who loves learning and exploring, soapmaking started as a fun journey to discover something new. And little did I know where it would lead to!

Understanding the process of making soap, investigating the power of natural ingredients, and experiencing the complexity of formulating my own recipes felt exhilarating. It was as if a magical route to creating something with a set intention in mind, with full control over the ingredients and formulation had just opened in front of me; a path full of possibilities.

For few years, I continued to play and expand my knowledge in soapmaking and natural skincare, but a seed had been planted the moment I formulated my very first recipe.

In December 2022 I decided to share my passion with others and create a space where you can embark on a sensorial experience with our skin-loving, artisanal and natural soaps. And there it was, Itziar skincare was in the making!

After months of work, I opened the doors to Itziar skincare and I have never been happier. It is my pleasure and joy to have you here. 



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